Boldan (born 29 Jan. 1996) is a Romanian singer, songwriter and actor. He released his debut single Lângă tine in 2011. The single was included on his first album Intercourse and it was released on 01 June 2015 exclusively in Romania. Boldan’s music has encompassed a broad range of genres; including Dancehall, Pop, R&B, Dubstep, Hip-hop and EDM.





It’s a dynamic R&B and dance-pop record that feels neither tenuous nor overwrought, striking about as clever a balance as one can strike in today’s distracted music economy. Boldan wants to tell us what is the meaning of love for him and, of course, what means life. It’s an album without limits, full of energy and LOVE.



Boldan is having fun! After Intercourse he comes with Resonner, a short album that placed him in the Pop music area. This album is effervescent, is designed to engage with our perception of Boldan the entertainer and Boldan the life of the party. Work It and Apă Plată are the greatest songs of his album. Work it it’s about living your life, about seeing the fun part in it – “We have one life and we will not spend it praying” that’s what Boldan tells us through the song. Jamaica it’s about love and fun, a great combination. Loving but still having fun and living freely. If we should characterize the album in three words they would be Fun, Love and Dance.


Boldan‘s first album has been in the works for a couple of years, he wanted to show the imperfection of an artist, he wanted to explore more music styles and to grow experimenting new languages. And so he did. Actually, Intercourse is a collection that includes all of his songs from the first one to the last one under his old stage name Danny D. The tracks were recorded over a 7-year period and so on this album we can see how Boldan grew as an artist and vocally. Lângă Tine and China Town are one of the most successful songs from this album. All the songs are different among them because all of them are experimental. So from now on we wait to see a grown and mature Boldan who went through his musical baptism experimenting what it means to make music through the Intercourse album.