Boldan (born 29 Jan. 1996) is a Romanian singer, songwriter and actor. He released his debut single Lângă tine in 2011. The single was included on his first album Intercourse and it was released on 01 June 2015 exclusively in Romania. China Town and Welcome to Romania are the record’s lead singles. After that he starred in the series Pariu cu Viata and released other singles from the album like Falling and Bitches in the Business. He went to the Octavian Stroia Acting and Dancing High School in Cluj-Napoca and after graduating he started the Babes Bolyai University of Theatre. As an actor he had some roles in plays at some independent theaters in Cluj-Napoca and he also was an TV Show presenter on one of the biggest television stations in Romania. Following the release of Intercourse and its accompanying tour Mephisto Tour in 2015, Boldan began working on his second studio album Résonner. On June 1 2017 Boldan released Apă Plată, the first single from the album. Résonner  was released exclusively through streaming service on iTunes and Tidal. The album is different from the first one – in Romanian and English language with a fresh sound. Following the release he started his new national tour Boldan On Tour in June 2017. Work it (Like Nobody‘s Watching) is the second single extracted from the album. Boldan’s music has encompassed a broad range of genres; including Dancehall, Pop, R&B, Dubstep, Hip-hop and EDM.


Studio albums

  • Intercourse (2015)
  • Résonner (2017)
  • Limits (2019)



  • Lângă Tine (2012)
  • Falling (2013)
  • Fiesta Latina featuring Sashi (2014)
  • Welcome to Romania (2015)
  • China Town (2015)
  • Love U featuring Spence Mills (2015)
  • Dubai (2015)
  • Bitches In The Business (2016)
  • Apă Plată (2017)
  • Troubles Don’t Last Always (2017)
  • Work it (Like Nobody’s Watching) (2017)
  • Atención (2018)
  • Fostul Tău (2018)
  • Everytime (2019)
  • Bună de Iubit (2019)


  • Mephisto Tour (2015)
  • Boldan On Tour (2017)

Starring Performances


  • Pariu Cu Viata (2012)
  • Tony & Friends (2019)
  • Treasure City (2019)

TV Shows

  • Academia Mamicilor Moderne (2014)
  • Late Night Berlin (2018)