LIMITS – power, attitude & change.

Boldan has just come back with a new studio album, LIMITS!

This album contains 12 songs and some real love on it, some real BOLDAN.  The artist don’t feel much like just dancing no more, he speaks out his mind on this record, telling us some real deep thougts. It feels like a confession. The leadoff single „Bună de Iubit”, an unhurried, futuristic R&B-Dance song is such a fun and hot record, a similar atmosphere can be found in the southern rap-pop beat of „Adonis” – looks like BOLDAN is just trying to enjoy every part of the work he does.

It’s a dynamic R&B and dance-pop record that feels neither tenuous nor overwrought, striking about as clever a balance as one can strike in today’s distracted music economy. Boldan wants to tell us what is the meaning of love for him and, of course, what means life. It’s an album without limits, full of energy and LOVE.

Check out the album below:


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