BOLDAN about “Bitches In The Business”

This beat gives me that feeling of freedom and the only thing that I wanna do it’s dancing on it.

Boldan’s Bitches in the Business single it’s just insane. He came with this new sound last year and we wanna know more about the story of this song. Of this new step from his career. We asked him about it and he was really happy to share his opinion with us:

“Bitches in the business” it’s my first single this year. It’s definitely the song that I love the most until now. This is my uptempo beat that gives me that feeling of freedom and the only thing that I wanna do it’s dancing on it. This single it was written at the begging of this year, when I was in the studio with one of my producers. We had a feeling.. we had a great feeling about it. We thought that we wanna do a record to be designed to make clubs rumble and arenas explode, and will successfully do so over the next year and beyond.This song is certainly angrier than the other songs that I play, but in the same time is that kind of beat that you will remember. I don’t know what the song it’s about, I know it sound strange but this is the truth. I let the words come naturally, without doing a storyline. And this is what came out. The next thing that I think about it’s doing a video for it and in the video to let my inspiration working to give a storyline and a meaning to the song. I hope that this single will became that kind of song that you wanna press play on it when you wanna have fun and when you want to disconnect from rhythm of the day.

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